Magnetic Field is a Market Research fieldwork agency based in the Midlands and positioned to provide qualitative and quantitative research solutions right across the UK to a wide variety of clients.

We pride ourselves on developing strong relationships with everyone we work with and clients value our honest approach. If we don't feel a job is realistic we will say so and provide you with a number of alternative approaches that may better suit the target and the aims of the research.

Magnetic has an extensive national network of carefully selected recruiters and interviewers enabling us to provide the best possible match between task required and recruiter provided. Whether you wish to consult a business leader/CEO or the personality behind a samurai avatar Magnetic can find you the individual you are looking for.

It feels like we are constantly asking you guys to help us out at the moment, so also just wanted to thank you for your ever-speedy responses and assistance on these projects; it's been massively helpful to have reliable recruitment partners on this!